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  • The storage heaters are prepared to take full advantage of the Off-Peak electricity tariffs, where the price of energy is cheaper during the off-peak period. Thermal emitter power: 450 W Accumulator power: 525 W Hours of loading: Maximum 14 h. Accumulated energy at 14h kW/h: 7.35 Measures cm: 54.5 x 73 x 18 Installed weight: 61 kg. Total weight packed: 62...

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  • Designed to make the most of the electric rates with time discrimination (DH). The ADL storage heaters release the hot air using controlled convection with a silent fan that makes the air circulate inside the bricks, heating it and then releasing it into the room. This controlled convection allows the user to manage the temperature of the room and the...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items