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Elnur Gabarrón | MANAGER BOX accessory | Manage heating and rationalize power



Kit for Heating Management through Wifi and Rationalizing the Power of the Installation through the G Control System, for Ecombi Heat Accumulators and Emitters with Ingenium Wifi Control.


- 1 G-Control USB switchboard

- 1 G-Control PM Power Meter

- TI (Current transformer max. 100 A)

Connection type: WIFI 2.4 GHz

Power supply: 220-240 V ~

Rationalizer installation: DIN 35 rail

Rationalizer width: 1 module of 18 mm

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The MANAGER BOX rationalizes the power of the installation and controls the heating of heat emitters and accumulators.

It includes the G Control Hub USB Switchboard and the PM Power Meter that allow you to manage the heating installation through an Internet connection via Wifi and rationalize the power of the installation through the G-Control System that is already integrated into the electronics of heating equipment such as ECOMBI storage heaters and INGENIUM heater emitters.

The PM Power Meter allows you to establish the maximum power contracted for the home and to establish heating priorities among the different equipment, rationalizing consumption to never exceed the power.

When the system detects a consumption that is very close to or greater than the contracted power, it will determine which equipment or equipment to disconnect automatically, based on the priority of each of them.

The Rationalizer makes real-time readings of each heating equipment and the rest of domestic consumption, which makes consumption more efficient.

It is a measuring device that does not allow the power to be exceeded, leaving the user to choose to keep the power term as tight as possible to the total consumption.

The Elnur Wifi Control application only works with ELNUR GABARRON Wi-Fi control transmitters and accumulators.

Through the free APP Elnur Gabarrón Wifi Control, available for Android and IOS, the heating equipment is connected wirelessly.

This connection with the heating equipment allows access and modifications in all its functionalities.

Possibility of managing up to 31 devices per switchboard.

In the APP Elnur Wifi Control account you can have an unlimited number of assigned switchboards.

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