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CEILHIT - Radiant Panel White glass GR 300 with regulation, 300W



Radiant glass panel GR300 of CEILHIT, 300W, with V22 wireless thermostat and V23 receiver, white color.

Model: 09713-01 Crystal
Color: White
Dimensions: 700X500X12
Power: 300w
Weight: 14 kg


  • Wireless thermostat: V22
  • Receiver: V23

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1) Wireless Thermostat V22

Wireless room thermostat with 1-week programming intended for the control of electric heating through the receiver V23 and V25 (Up to 4 units per V22) with bidirectional Wireless communication. Placement on wall or independently on a stand. Thermostat designed additionally for a Wireless central regulation with the V24 control unit.


2) Receiver 23

Wireless receiver with optional floor probe connection, normally controlled by the V22 thermostat. Placement in a KU68 wiring box, 16 A switching contact.


Features of glass panels GR

The radiant glass panels (glass radiant) transmit a pleasant and natural feeling of warmth. They are products of exceptional quality and are destined especially for the heating of interior spaces whether they are houses, offices and premises. They have a modern look of avant-garde lines with functional finishes and design.

The GR panel has:

  • Toughened safety glass 12 mm thick (8 mm mirror)
  • A heating element
  • A temperature limiter
  • Power cord.


Wall: These panels can be installed fixed on the wall in a horizontal or vertical position, with brackets supplied with the panel.

Floor: can also be placed on the ground in a horizontal position using an optional chrome-plated bracket set.

Permanent installation: For permanent installation, the supports should be fixed to the floor.


Installation with dry-towel function:
With the stainless steel towel rack attachment, the GR panel performs the function not only of radiator, but also of dry-towel with an attractive design.

The towel rails are placed with the panel in a vertical position. They are available single or double and in different sizes to fit each panel size.



Colors: White, black, green, red and mirror.


Available Sizes: 4 sizes.





Available Powers:  300w, 500w, 700W and 900W

Adjustment: The heating panels are equipped with a temperature limiter. For more optimized use and to be able to enjoy all the advantages of radiant heating, they must be connected to a suitable regulation.

We recommend using our wireless control system to take full advantage of your radiant panel.



Measures (mm)

Weight (kg)

Power (W)

V-Tension / Category

GR 300

700 x 500 x 12



230 / IP44

GR 500

900 x 600 x 12



230 / IP44

GR 700

1100 x 600 x 12



230 / IP44

GR 900

1200 x 800 x 12



230 / IP44