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Saline chlorinator EVO BASIC 25 g/h



Salt chlorinator BSV EVo BASIC 25 g / h

Compact salt chlorinator in IP65 box with digital display and HClO production 25 g / h for private pools.

  • Manual, automatic (with optional ADVANCED kit), and semi-automatic (with optional temperature probe kit) operating modes
  • PH reading and adjustment using the AUTO kit (optional)
  • Advanced functions and data display through LCD screen.
  • Connection for optional home automation system (KIT CONNECT).
  • Measurements: 250 x 308 x 89 mm
  • Weight: 4 Kg.
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Does not include: PH control

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Salt chlorinator BSV EVo BASIC 25 g/h by BSPOOL

  • Saline electrolysis equipment with self-cleaning cell up to 10,000h useful life.
  • Easy installation and intuitive handling.
  • Manual and automatic chlorine regulation.
  • High efficiency switching electronic power supply.
  • Indicators of redox reading, lack of salt and excess salt.
  • Water temperature indication.
  • Digital control display.
  • Indication of the life status of the cell.
  • Language selection.
  • Watertight protection: IP65.
  • Home automation integration: Touch screen in more equipment to facilitate its use.